23 October 2010

> > > Birmingham, brilliant experience.

I would like to thanks coach Ikhlaq for the invitation to know this Big Futsal arena in Birmingham, One of the biggest in the world.

During the open of the biggest Futsal arena in Europe, in Birmingham. A competitive Futsal tournament with a lot of teams. Very nice day.

Is amazing because where you go in this world, you see Foreign people wearing brazilian jersey in Football events.

Futsal team for youth players which technical training is the Focus.

Team united FC / youth players. Birmingham City - England.

> kids don't care about money;
> kids don't care about women, night clubs or drinks;

> kids don't want contract, publicity or any kind of business;
> kids don't want the glory of sport, become famous and appear in magazines;
> Kids dont wanna invest money in real state or stock exchange.

Kids just want enjoy yourself and they have to enjoy this part of life, because nothing and nobody in this world will bring this magic moment of life back. So, first of all they have to enjoy it and be happy.

In my opinion, until about 13/14 years old the focus during session training could be technical and plus some tips and notion about tactical moviments. So, what about fitness? if my young player have session training regularly he probably will have the minimum fitness to practice football because I can't forget 3 important details:

- Before 14 years old their capacity to learn, to improvise and creativity are biggest in your life and they have to suffer a large quantity of stimulus to improve that.

- After about 14 years old the body will transform yourself completely. (hormones)

- After 14 years old I have plenty of time to teach tactical and put my youth player in shape but... technical training in this moment is just to improve and not more learn.