07 August 2014


 Federal of Juiz de Fora University - MG
       My article talks about how many players are, in fact, used by the coaches during a season by the 1st team, how many they have in their casts and how, in trouble, the U-20 players are to get an opportunity in case the coach fail to manage these numbers, besides it means high costs, money and talent loss.

Methods: Identify the relation (Amount of players cast x amount of players used) in at least 60% of total minutes played, in sequence it was possible to observe whether coaches are underestimating or overestimating their team and in fact realize how many players have been, in fact, used by the teams.
Results: Considering the aspects observed it was noted that only 9 players, on average, are used effectively. In addition, only one team used 11 players in at least 60% of the minutes in the full season. The numbers are even more impressive, when you consider the financial costs of keeping a professional player on the team.
Conclusions: At the current days it’s believed that to manage a soccer team the coach needs to acquire more skills rather than knowledge about pitch and ball by itself. Regarding the soccer at the present time, a combination among soccer management, people management and business management seems to be more effective for a coach during his diary duties.. Also his professional background must to enhance much more compared to a few years ago.