28 February 2010


Next monday we'll have a friendly game between Ireland and Brazil in city of London. Unfortunately the Irish team won't be in the world cup but to brazilian team this game will be very interesting because the brazilian players want show to the coach that they are ready.

25 February 2010

Always Believe !!!

Sometimes you look up and see a big blue sky and the time goes by. when you look again the blue sky remains, even so you must know at any time, that rain can come!

23 February 2010

>>> Sometimes . . .

Sometimes things happen and we can`t believe. During a soccer game the same happens. If you happen to think, in other words, if you don`t believe in this movie, remember: This is the game which all the world love and anything can happen. Enjoy yourself !!!

19 February 2010


Amazing ! That's right ! Look this young chinese girl playing a traditional musical instrument.

In last monday a lot of students from Brazil, China, Japan, Spain, Germany etc enjoyed a beautiful party celebrating the year of the TIGER, in the 4708 th year of the chinese calendar.

Several students took a picture with this talented girl so I must took mine as well !!!

12 February 2010

English class !

Every day, every week ... as a english student... the life is tough. The grammar is difficult but really necessary. Let`s go...

11 February 2010


Irish Coach (U17 Team).

Republic of Ireland U17 v Hungary U17. In last Thursday we had the opportunity to see this international game in Carlisle Grounds, Bray.

10 February 2010

Brazilian Students (Sunday's Lunch).

The brazilian Students got together last sunday to enjoy a nice shine day and the nice food from Brazil..

We have a "Feijoada", a traditional meal from Brasil !!!

Ps.: The picture (Baking a cake) was a simple coincidence. haha...