27 May 2010

The way is hard, but noble !

Metro Herald (Newspaper) / Ireland-2010.

Maybe someone would tell me: Don't put in your blog that you have been working or that you used to work as newspaper man. So, what's the problem about it. As English student, If I might get some money honestly... that's ok. I have no shame about it. I know that the way is hard. When I decided to come to Ireland improve my english and acquire experience in football coaching I have known that the life would be tough for me.

That was the duty, the job, the mission ! No matter what happens, still work and keep the focus !

26 May 2010



F.A.I Futsal Coaching Course.

During the course, among 34 students coaches, I had a opportunity to meet one Brazilian coach from south of Brazil. It was very interesting because I could change experience about his knowledge in south of Brazil and his experience here in Ireland because he is living here since 2002.

Step by step we are going to pave the way for our Football knowledge. We always have to try learn and improve ourselves.

25 May 2010

Kick ups !!!

Football Pepsi Promotion

This weekend was very unusual for me. I had a interesting afternoon doing kick ups in front the Stephen`s Green Shopping centre. I`m not a show man or something like that, I just worked as promoter for a very known soda brand.

18 May 2010

F.A.I Coaching Course > Kick Start 1

Inchicore Sports Hall / Dublin - Ireland

I want to go beyond ! To acquire experience working in ST Josephs AFC is fantastic. I'm sure, also I think we have to try improve ourselves all the time. This weekend I had the pleasure to know 2 brilliant F.A.I Coaches (Davis Rake and Paul Keogh). It was fantastic for my professional improvement.

17 May 2010

Friendly lunch meeting!

St Josephs AFC Coaches / May 2010 / Ireland

U-12 (Runner up) and U-14 Champion of National League of Ireland. The Coaches, players and parents enjoyed a nice lunch after these brilliant games.

11 May 2010



The First step in FAI (Football Association of Ireland) for Football Coaches.

The football environment is very important for a professional development. I'm so happy because I'm sure that it will be a great step in my career. The Europe football is very different of Brazilian football and I want see and know more about it.

10 May 2010


Football Association of Ireland

I`m very exciting to seize a opportunity to learn more and more about Europe Football. The FAI coach education is the place where a lot of coaches might develop your knowledge and your career.