06 February 2011

SANTOS FC (ACADEMY) / February 2011.

Coaching course / Santos FC - Brazil
80 Coaches from all Brazil.

Oleg Solodovnik (Coach)

Like me, coach Oleg was in this program trying learn more about coaching, besides, there were 4 more foreign coaches.

Marcos Amaral (Coach)

Yara Santos (Coach)
Coaches Igor Romariz, Felipe Pacheco and Higor Morceli

The program used by Santos FC in your academy is really impressive, and Futsal is the first step which the club hopes to form great footballers more and more.

Robinho and Neymar are the most famous but this program have been forming a lot of good footballers.

02 February 2011

SANTOS FC (Trainee) / January 2011.

Training Centre Pelé

Santos FC / Brazil.

Training Centre Pelé

Santos Futsal Arena


Fernando Ferretti (Coach)

Marcos Moraes (Coach)

João Romano (Physical Coach)

Fred Antunes (Goalkeeper Coach)

Women's Soccer (Kaka and Rubi)