30 November 2010

>>> 2010 >>> 2011...

The end of year is coming and now is the moment to start to think about next year. New targets and new missions are coming-up.

29 November 2010

St Joseph's AFC - Dublin / Ireland
November 2010.

28 November 2010

St Joseph's AFC - Dublin / Ireland
November 2010.

21 November 2010

St Joseph's AFC - Ireland.

November 2010
Dublin, Ireland.

I'm sure that the session training was very useful for these kids U-9, motor coordination using the ball (manipulation) was the focus.

After 4 months traveling out of Ireland, I'm very thankful for the invitation.

07 November 2010

> > > Worth it.

Europe 2010.

China, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Egypt, Argentina, USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Hungary, German, Italy and Australia. Fortunately, even with cultures so different, this Journey show me that with respect and willpower we can make friends, change experience and enjoy things like football.

There's no price to know people from a lot of countries with different cultures and brought together because enjoy sports and because enjoy to learn.

02 November 2010

Ireland... here we are.

Back to Ireland - November 2010

After travel around 7 cities in 4 months and watch a lot of training sessions in different classes and different levels (woman, man, U-9, U-15, U-18, First team and Futsal) I have to go back to Ireland and keep going with the English classes, so improve the English is as important as football knowledge.

01 November 2010

The F.A - England.

Shropshire County Football Association

The F.A Level 2 Coach certificate (Reassessment)
England - October / 2010.