29 April 2010

We must to be soldiers of life.

There was a city where a lot of people tried to climb the hill and weeks have been gone but suddenly appeared a young guy for try out. A lot of people told him: "forget it!!!" because several have tried and anyone manage do it. A few hours later everyone has been asking his mother : How did he manage do that? She said: Probably because he is deaf! So, he coudn't listen when you told him to give up.

27 April 2010

The time is going...

CBF Camp / U-15
Flamengo football training centre.

Team Chicago Brasil
Women soccer / CBF.

Brazilian Air Force
Women soccer

Washington University Camp
Women Soccer

Estacio de Sa University
1st Team 2007

Estacio de Sa University - 1st Team
Brazilian football training Centre - CBF
Friendly match / 2007

Sometimes we stop to think about future's plans and suddenly thoughts comes in our minds and we might see the journey where we have been walked.

26 April 2010

Come on Joeys!!!

April 2010 / ST Josephs AFC / IRELAND

The season U-9 is ending however I would like to praise our young players because of dedication, good behaviour and will power to improve their football level. Unfortunately some players were sick and weren't present in the picture but my ''well done'' is for all of you guys !!!

22 April 2010

The World Cup is coming.

Cape Town Stadium / South Africa.

The time has been spending and all of us are anxious about world Cup 2010. Now, There are Forty nine days to go until World Cup. Unfortunately the Irish Team won't be present, it's a pity, however I am sure that in a short time the Irish Football will be stronger and to be present in Brazil 2014.

20 April 2010

Women`s Football.

ST Joeys AFC / Ireland.

Today, in Joeys FC, I had a opportunity to see and meet some Girls who like Football and have been training regularly every week, so I think is very important remind about some details.
The women have Bones smaller than man and lighter.
The women have more tendency to get depressed, because produce less Serotonin, her Liver is smaller so her metabolism is slower.
Her Heart and Lung are smaller as well and they have a higher rate of fat than Men, also they have Smaller Anaerobic Capacity than men.
In my opinion is important remind about it because the health comes before any Training.

13 April 2010

Shape up for summer.

As a Fitness Instructor I would like to warn about people which want lose weight fast and forgetting that you can`t lose in one or two months what you spent ten months to get on. Our body isn`t a machine, so we need to improve our physical ability day by day, step by step, that way we are going to give a chance of our body adapt it with efficiency and safety.

01 April 2010

International Futsal Friendly.

Tallaght National Arena (Ireland)

The game was very exciting and both teams looked for the victory all the time.