28 June 2010


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football

Sometimes the opportunity appear in our ways, sometimes we cause it but anyway we have to be ready and take the opportunity to do our best.

Different country, different culture and different football... so it`s brilliant to learn more and more.

26 June 2010

Training with the young!

ST Joeys AFC - Ireland
June / 2010

During our journey sometimes you see some kind of training with young players and you stop to think about... young players have to practice different of adults.

>> From 7 years old until about 15 we need lay enphasis in specific skills and coordenation of moviments of game (Development).
>> Later, we have enought time to improve it and learn about tactical training, acquire fitness, to train physical aspects and improve (Improvement).

After 15 years old, if you didn`t give base in technique aspects and skills now is too late to do it!

23 June 2010

Wonderful and brilliant picture !

World Cup 2010.

That`s the great and exciting Football. I had got this picture from Internet because it makes me think about what the Football is becoming. A lot of people think the Football needs strength and speed... that`s ok, but we can`t forget that pictures like this one are the real reason why Football is so enjoyed nowadays.

This picture show us why the Football is a sport which all over the word enjoy and have been practicing since ages ago.

21 June 2010

St Joeys AFC (Summer Camp-2010)

ST Joeys AFC Training Centre
Dublin - Ireland / 2010

This month we are doing a great summer camp in our Training Centre. We have 350 kids with ages among 6 and 14 years old (girls and boys). It's a brilliant season for us because maybe we can find some new talents. We also have a opportunity to show the kids that the sport is a good lifestyle .

17 June 2010


Nowadays, a lot of people have been feeling encouraged to do physical exercises, Normally when we have big events such as Olympic games or World Cup the people try find some time in your busy life to try to do something different. Actually this is an excellent idea. I quote below a few topics that might to influence in your health if you are over weight or with you`re trying change your lifestyle.

> Obese people has 3,8 more chances to become diabetic.
> Children who have obese parents has 80% chance to become obese.
> Obese people have tendency to develop hypertension (5,6 more chances).

At least 30 minutes per day is enough for take care of your health.

14 June 2010


The world cup has started and the teams spend a lot of money with food, staff, transport and training, however the brazilian reality is very different. A lot of teams don`t have to much money for their season so many times is necessary improvise and above we are gonna see a little training that is very simple and very efficient.

Maybe it can seem strange however it`s a hard reality from much soccer clubs from Brazil. The Physical Coaches have to create alternatives to try fulfill their mission!

09 June 2010

Nice, funny or dangerours?

The football is to much practiced in all of the world but sometimes could be dangerous and funny. The 32 national teams will run trying to win the South Africa World cup, but just one will survive the challenge. Some people say that Brazil is favourite, others bet in Argentina or Spain, maybe England or Italy or...why not Germany or France, so anyway I hope we have a great Word Cup with good matches and very talent.