29 March 2010



Last weekend I was invited to play by BRAYZIL during a match against a England team.
I'm not in a good shape and I would like to thanks all of the players because they were patient with me all the time and thanks for Mr. Rob by your invitation. It was a pleasure !!!
No matter your religion.
No matter your race.
No matter the colour of your skin.
No matter your social class, language or country because the football can approach all of us !!!
Thanks Brayzil, Thanks Football.

24 March 2010

> > > Supporting ...

ST Joeys AFC / Ireland

As a St Joeys`s coach and resident in Bray, I support Bray Wanderers regain yourself and find the victories`s way. About ST Joeys, we have approximately 600 players (U-8 until U-18) and probably new talent players will appear. A great news for the Irish Soccer.

23 March 2010

Improving... all the time!!!

Every week I have a opportunity to meet new coachs from ST Joeys, besides I can see and to participate in some training session with others class. It`s very good for my English and my professional knowledge.

22 March 2010

The Mission... the Duty.

Sometimes you stop to think about your life, your home or your family and the sadness try reach your mind. Even so you need straight ahead and keep your mind in your focus, your target and objective. The brazilian students meeting yourself every sunday to have a brazilian lunch and we can have fun, to laugh a lot, to dance and amuse so much but we can't forget about our mission!!!

11 March 2010

We must to believe... always !!!

No matter if you can't see clouds and the sun shine more and more. Focus your power on your duty, pull your weight and have a clear conscience. will rain!!!!

08 March 2010


Last weekend St. Joeys had a match ( U-11) against Malahide United AFC . The game was very emotional and we (Joeys) won with 1 x 0.

06 March 2010


I have been trying to improve my English all the time since I arrived in Ireland. St Joeys was the team that gave me a chance to show my work up. I`m very happy because I have a chance to ask and to learn about specific words and about Europe football, because here, in Joeys there are a lot of Coaches that help me with it all the time!!!